To women in South Africa GBV is not a shadow pandemic, it is in the centre of their existence

– Every 3 hours a woman is murdered

-Two in five are beaten by their partners.

– Every 4 hours a child is murdered

– Every 29 seconds a women is raped

I will be running 6kms barefoot everyday for 16 days to honor victims of GBV for their strength. To highlight their plight. To continue raising awareness.

It’s going to be a very difficult and painful 16 days. But nothing compares to the pain victims of GBV and their families go through.

When I step into a glass or a thorn I will be thinking about the innocent women who were dragged into bushes and brutally raped.

I will be thinking of women who were strangled by they partners to death. I will be thinking about a mother and her child bludgeoned to death with a hammer and stabbed with a screwdriver.

If I knock my toe, I will be thinking about those women who layed there, shut eyes, praying for the pain to end while they were being gang raped!

At the end of the day when I  wash my feet and put it up to relax, I will be thinking about the thousands of women and children who are walking around with the memory and after effects of the unimaginable pain inflicted on them.

During these 16 days please think of all the Victims, think of the justice system that fails them. Think of ways to get involved in organizations trying to bring about change.

Remember that because GBV is something most never heal from completely, it’s pain survivors learn to live with and eventually die with.

I will be running again to raise the much needed Funds for LifeLineVaal to continue assisting victims of GBV.

You may contribute any amount of your choice during this campaign.

Help me help Lifeline by depositing into the below account :

Account Name: LifeLine Vaal


Branch Code: 174837

Account Number: 174832 0750

Please use #Run4her as your reference

Join me & @LifelineVaal during #16days to end #GBV! Educate, advocate & donate

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