Official opening of a LifeLine Centre in Sicelo – called Lynca LifeLine Wellness Centre

After many years of trying to establish a LifeLine centre in Sicelo, our efforts have finally been rewarded.

With the help of Lynca Meats in Meyerton, we are able to have a Centre in Sicelo at last! LifeLine will provide counselling to residents of Sicelo, carry out awareness sessions, hand out pamphlets and provide other services to the Sicelo community. Where funds allow, we will provide life skills to residents.

Lynca Meats sourced a site, found additional sponsors and purchased two containers. The containers were refurbished and transported to the site in Sicelo. The containers were set up on the grounds of Weeds and Seeds, owned by Anthony and Sharon Almeida, in Johan le Roux Road. The electrical and sewerage needs were taken care of by Lynca Meats and Weeds and Seeds.

Weeds and Seeds is a community gardening project run by Sharon and Anthony and they have graciously allowed LifeLine to work from their premises.

The sponsors were Lynca Meats, Hodari Foods (Tony Lindsay & Kelly Lewis) sponsored the containers which were supplied at cost by Almar Container Group (Zane Aszalos). Hodari Foods funded the conversion done at cost by PD Nixon Containers (Josh Nixon).

The containers consist of three offices, a kitchen area and a toilet.  The offices will be used as counselling rooms or a small training area. Six members from the community have been trained as Lay Counsellors and there are two experienced Lay Counsellors, a Social Auxiliary Worker and a Social Worker at the centre. The hours are Monday to Thursday from 08.00 until 16.00 and Friday from 08.00 until 13.00. It is a drop-in Centre so the community members seeking assistance can get help during those times. The services are free and confidential.

The Centre was officially opened by the cutting of a ribbon by the representative of the Midvaal Mayor. There were approximately 60 people at the opening held on 2nd December 2022.

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