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  1. Understand personal distress seen in types and causes including crises.
  2. Understand the person’s state of mind as impacted by distress and its responses (including feelings, stress condition and behaviors)
  3. Trauma: seen in definition, process and impact of trauma.
  4. Factors influencing the impact of trauma.
  5. Approaches and techniques to address recovery
Personal Growth Course

This workshop comprises of 5 weekly sessions of 3 hours duration; and its approach is experiential with plenary inputs and facilitated small group exercises and interaction.

The content and outcomes are: Interpersonal competence in the building and maintenance of relationships; Intra-personal awareness as a unique person and seen in: own growth and development; a focus on dimensions of the mental/cognitive, emotions, belief and value systems; and, complete wellness; to become real (congruent) and grow, with a special focus on assertiveness; to manage all the negatives, which impact or prevent growth and functioning; as seen in conflict, anger, traumas, stress, shadows, prejudice, games and manipulations.


LifeLine‘s main program is counselling, which we have been providing in the Sedibeng and Sasolburg district for the past 35 years. We have many well trained and competent Lay Counsellors providing this function.

LifeLine offers 24/7 confidential telephone counselling by trained Lay Counsellors.

Confidential Face 2 Face counselling is available during office hours in language of choice where possible, by appointment when possible.

F2F Counselling after hours can be arranged by appointment.
Counsellors are available to do regular duties at schools and corporates on request.

All counselling is free and confidential and is carried out by LifeLine trained Lay Counsellors. Play “counselling” is available on request.

If LifeLine Counsellors feel that they are not able to take on the situation or topic, they are obliged to refer the client to a suitably qualified person or institution. LifeLine Lay Counsellors DO NOT PROVIDE THERAPY or official reports on clients.


LifeLine has a shelter for abused women and their children. The Shelter was established in 1988 and is able to accommodate 11 people at any time. There is a resident Housemother who takes care of the ladies and their children on a 24/7 basis offering support and care. A Social Worker takes care of the Psycho-social services of all who are at the Shelter, providing the necessary services to enable healing.

We assist any adult, of any race or religious group if required. We are able to provide shelter for those who have been trafficked.

Those assisted at the Shelter have access to clinics, SAPS, legal information and help, professional services and hospital services if necessary. The children have to attend crèche, if small, and are enrolled at nearby schools, with which we have agreements. We are able to assist with obtaining ID documents, child grants and other grants as needed.

Various skills development activities take place either at the Shelter or with other partners.

LifeLine endeavours to provide holistic services in order that the ladies can move on with their lives and will interact with family where necessary.

The Social Worker will interact with the spouse or partner where necessary.

Thuthuzela Care Centers

Thuthuzela Care Centers are one-stop facilities that provide on-site medical examination, HIV testing, PEP medication, psycho-social services and SAPS statement taking. The service is led by the NPA in partnership with other governmental services. 

LifeLine is the NPO providing the psycho-social services, as well as the HIV testing, at the Thuthuzelas.

LifeLine provides the Psycho-social services at two Thuthuzela Care Centers – one in Vereeniging and another in Sasolburg. 

There are Social Workers, Social Auxiliary Workers and Lay Counsellors in attendance at the Kopanong Thuthuzela on a 24/7 basis and at Metsimaholo Thuthuzela on an office hour basis.

All victims of rape and sexual assault can report to the Thuthuzelas directly. In this way they will get all the help they require under one roof. They can access the services even if they decide NOT to lay any charges. The most important issue at stake is not contracting HIV and at the Thuthuzelas they will receive the necessary tests and medication but it must be within 72 hours of the rape or assault. It is very important that you access the services as soon as possible. The LifeLine staff will support, encourage and provide counselling to both victim and family of the victim.

LifeLine counsellors “follow” all clients providing ongoing emotional support and adherence to medication, until they are emotionally stable.

HIV/AIDS Services

LifeLine has trained staff who are able to provide free and confidential HIV counselling and testing at all four of our Centers, in language of choice where possible. The method we use is the “finger-prick” method, which is extremely accurate. 

Information on HIV/AIDS is available from all centers. LifeLine is able to assist with Wellness Days, providing testing and information, at corporates and other organizations on request.

We are also able to provide support groups in language of choice for those who require this facility.

Training/Skills Development

LifeLine has another leg of services, which is the training area.

We offer a basket of various life skills programs but the most popular and important one is the Personal Growth Course. We have a number of trainers to provide the services in languages of the area. 

George van Schalkwyk is our Trainer and developer of course material. We train Lay Counsellors for LifeLine and a pre-requisite of the Basic Counselling Skills Course is the Personal Growth Course. 

These courses are highly recommended and recognized, although not accredited. We are able to provide any of the courses/training offerings but need at least 12 – 15 people to make it viable. We are able to provide training to corporates in fields suitable to the corporate world and are able to provide an 18A receipt for funds received. 

Refer to our “Training Tab” for more information.


LifeLine is funded for some programs which involve learners. Although these are funded we are able to provide similar programs to other schools who request.

Programme One: Young Warriors – Teen Peer Educator Program which involves 40 learners (boys & girls) from 20 schools in Sedibeng, trained to provide skills to their peers. The program lasts a full year and is ongoing while we receive funding.

Programme Two: Becoming Big Stuff – Program on sexuality for Grade 7 learners preparing them for the transition into young adults. It is a 2 hour interactive presentation at the schools and presented in the language of the school.

You’re stuck, overwhelmed, abused, or tired, and you need help finding your way forward… Give us a call!